Port Aransas day

*Day two of our Staycation* 

Chloe is a shopping fiend,anytime we check out a new place she asks if they have a gift shop. So,I wasn’t terribly surprised that when  she planned her day she included time at the mall and going to the  gift shops at Port Aransas.

Palmera Mall is in Corpus and is pretty decently sized. We first found it while we were visiting Corpus and I was looking for a Toys R Us.

( Incidentally, there is a very small Toys R Us in the mall,but a full sized store not far away from here.)

Toys R Us was definitely one of our stops,as was Claire’s and Hot Topic. Chloe had saved up money to spend but just seemed to want to look. The only actual shopping she did was at the candy store upstairs.We grabbed a quick lunch from the food court and then headed out to Port Aransas,after all we had a strict itinerary to stick to! 
Port Aransas is one of tube only established towns on Mustang Island and is north of  Padre Island. It has great little gift shops and restaurants and excellent beaches. We love the colorful cabins you can book to stay in that are within  walking distance of the shops,beach and many ofthe eating places too. Every year Port Aransas is home to the Sand Fest which brings in world renown sand scuplters who make masterpieces on the beach,it’s fantastic.

But we were here today to spend time at the gift shops.

Port Aransas has a very fun old time candy store called Walton’s Island Candy with a great selection of every candy you can think of and wonderful smelling fudge. Chloe was sad that she had already visited a candy store earlier but her daddy decided that she could go to this one too,provided they didn’t eat all of their candy in one day. 

Our last stop was the Connoisseur Gifts and Crafts.It’s a really neat shop we had never been to before. Think higher quality souvenirs, including several giant ships that really tempted Jon. There were lots of interesting ship antiques.

The girls liked the all of the cat themed merchandise and actually got to visit with the shop’s resident cat for a bit before we left. 

A Staycation in Corpus Christi

We almost always take a big trip during Summer but we have decided not to do that this year. We just moved here at the beginning of Summer and felt we needed to stay put and get settled!

The kids love to travel so they were dissapointed. (We were feeling a little down about it ourselves.)

Jon suggested we have a week long staycation to make up for it.We had talked about doing a Staycation before in our old town but it just never happened. 

Chloe decided that each of us should get a day to plan however we liked.

The girls got out a big sheet of paper and started planning. Jon and I hoped we knew what we were getting into. 😊

Monday was Jon’s day and he decided we should do a day at the beach. I made a picnic,we packed up the car and we were off.

When we first thought of moving here we initially wanted to be on North Padre Island. Because that would mean buying a much smaller house due to the high cost of wind insurance,we changed out mind.

We love the beach but Jon really needed studio/office space and the girls wanted their own rooms. The great thing about our place though is it’s only 20-30 minutes away from a beach. Seeing as we used to drive 4 hours for a beach fix,we’re okay with that.

We chose to spend the day at Malaquite beach. It’s a great beach with a visitor center, dressing areas and showers.

It may have been  because it was a weekday and early in the Summer,but the visitor center was closed. The bathrooms were and showers were still open though.

The kids and Jon were able to make full use of the ball they brought with them,usually I’m scared to death they’ll hit a passerby in the head and beg them to put it away before they do. Crowded beaches and flying objects do not mix well!

It was a pretty chilled out day and  a lovely time.

 We ended up coming home near dinner time and Jon cooked out…

We bought him this grill for the beach,but honestly have not used it there yet. 

We really need to get a bigger one but this never fails to crack me up!

The rest of our week went like this:

Chloe’s day: Palmera  mall,two candy stores and Port Aransas 

Cat’s day:USS Lexington and an indoor trampoline place

My day: Texas State Aquarium 

Have you ever tried a Staycation? We loved ours,although Chloe did say she missed staying at a hotel.

Of course not staying at a hotel saves some money to do more I think. It also lets you potentially explore new places in your town. A downside was that although Jon did take some time off work he still fit some in whenever he could.My husband is a workaholic and I admire that but it is good to take a full break now and then. Actually taking a trip somewhere makes him do that. What do you think about Staycations ?