GALT Sensational Sequins review

We received two Galt Sensational Sequins kits in the mail today from my lovely mil .

 We had a card saying the postman missed us yesterday, so we stopped by the post office on our way to do grocery shopping.These were complete surprise and the girls wanted to work on them as soon as we got home. 

I’m not sure how you might view shopping with your child but I’ll be honest-it’s really stressful for me! 

When school is in I always try to do the shopping during school hours,I can zip in,stick to my list and zip out. It’s fantastic. During Summer the grocery shop takes twice as long,I end up forgetting a lot of things on the list and bringing home things that got into the basket when I wasn’t looking.

And that was a really long seque into explaining that I felt lucky to have something to keep the girls busy while I put everything up. 😊

Cat worked on the Sensational Sequins Puppies kit and Chloe took on the kitties kit. Each kit comes with two sturdy poster pictures.

Everything needed to do the project is included,sequins of various colors and a wax crayon. 

I will save you from looking for the glue or glue dots like I did initially, instead of that the kits are coated with sticky dots that (hopefully) hold the sequins in place.

 Different sections are covered in wax paper so you can work on each section at a time. I strongly suggest doing that instead of peeling off all the sections like we did on my youngest’s poster. 

My oldest kept hers covered until she was ready to work on that bit and it goes easier that way. (Go figure.)

The wax crayon is for picking up the sequins! I use an exclamation point because I’ve never done this before and used to love sequin work when I was younger. I always used tweezers but the wax crayon does work well,especially if you flip the sequins over so that the dip is facing up.

All in all the girls really did like the kits and once I had set everything up,I liked that they were kept busy for 40 minutes. It probably takes an hour and a half to get the rhythm going and finish the pictures completely. Both girls stopped early and asked to finish the kits the later in the day. As the posters will go up in their rooms once completed,I will update in the future as to whether the gluey bits keep the sequins attached long term.

I think these are a great rainy day,screen free activity that are fun for parents to help with,provided you find your own  wax crayon.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐1/2

Age: 5 and up,but as each child is different I think parents would judge best on this. I will say younger ages and some 5 year Olds would need help and supervision as the sequins are a choking hazard.