Pipe cleaner hearts #31hearts

This heart was a 100% Chloe’s idea!

Chloe’s pipe cleaner heart on the left

While we were painting hearts she took the pipe cleaners out and made this great heart. 

I’m going to share her steps. 

1. Bend a pipe cleaner in half so you know where the dip goes.

2. Twist the ends together and make a heart.

3. Twist on a different colored pipe cleaner and wrap it around however you like. Twist the end of the pipe cleaner anywhere.

4. Add at least one more colored pipe cleaner, following the same steps!

You can add as many pipe cleaners as you like but the heart does get puffy as you go along. It is important to keep fixing the shape in between pipe cleaners because the shape gets a little distorted.

We added this to Chloe’s heart garland but it would also make a cool necklace or magnet I think.

 I also love the idea of adding pony beads to the pipe cleaners before twisting the ends on.