A visit to the Texas State Aquarium 

As soon a my kiddos heard about the new Caribbean Journey wing at the Texas State Aquarium they  begged to go see it. So I decided to pick it for my day,the last day of our week long Staycation. 

We’ve been to the aquarium several times in the past, but it has been  renovated a lot to house the new additions and has a whole new feel to it.

I hope to foster a love of nature and a spirit of being ecologically responsible in my children and like it or lump it-it’s hard for humans to see a picture or even a video of an animal and get emotionally connected to it. It’s all well and good to say “don’t pollute you’ll hurt the oceans” but actually  seeing a glimpse of what is in those oceans might make people care more about protecting them. This is why I can see the good is places like this. I also know that the Texas State Aquarium’s Second Chances Wildlife Rehabilitation Program does a lot to rescuce and rehabilitate sick,injured,or orphaned shorebirds,raptors,sea turtles,and marine mammals.


The Carribean Journey lived up to our expectations.

Our youngest fell in love with the sloth and we got to watch her being fed while being told a little about her.


The shark exhibit was amazing ,you can see the sharks and other fish swimming with a sunken ship. In the next room a tunnel overheard makes you feel like immersed in the experience. We also really liked the 4d shark movie,though some parts of it shocked us at first. 

The dolphin show is still very entertaining and very popular-we arrived twenty minutes before the show in order to get a seat. 

There is also a jellyfish tank where you are allowed to touch the tops of the jellyfish as they swim by. It’s tricky,but fun to try and do.

All in all, I would recommend the aquarium as a nice, full day out even for adults and older kids.(Our children are 9 and 11). But some aspects of it,such as the splash park are really geared towards younger children. I’d say ages 5-8 are really going to get the most out of the experience and if you’re local, a season pass would make for many enjoyable afternoons. If you are going for just the day make sure to visit the website in order to plan the day and catch all of the shows.