#31hearts update 

So many hearts to make,so little time…

When I asked the kids about doing the 31 heart challenge with me I did think they would both take part.

The first day we all made hearts together using markers,map pencils and watercolors. 

Hearts by me

Chloe’s hearts

Watercolor Heart by Catz

After each making a heart my oldest asked,”Wait,what are we doing with 31 hearts once we are finished with them?” 

I said,”Anything you want,we could make a book for them all or …”

“Oh, we could hang them from strings in our room!” my youngest interrupted

“Yes,or make a heart banner if you like?” I offered.

My youngest was very excited by this idea,my oldest not so much-so she made the one heart and decided to draw anime characters instead. Which is also a  very fine idea as she is not on a device while she does that. *

Glue heart ,tissue heart,marker heart

So far the youngest and I are still enjoying making hearts.

Tissue paper hearts,pipe cleaner heart

Will we make it to 31? We shall see. 😊

*Do you have trouble keeping your kids off of devices during Summer? 


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