Creating 31 hearts as a family 

Making slime is as crafty as we have been this Summer

I’m not necessarily of the mind set that parents should walk their children through their day or entertain them 24/7…however, lately leaving them completely to their own devices has meant a lot of time spent on the other kind of devices. I know I should limit this but it’s honestly hard to always keep track of,I always say we need to do better but it’s a constant challenge. Before I know it they have logged hours on Roblocks or Minecraft or Youtube.

I came across a challenge this morning on Facebook led by Ayala Arts in one of my art groups;

,every July she tries to make 31 hearts and encourages others to do so as well. The hearts can be made however you choose and from looking at what others have done, can be all out of similar materials or all different.  I’ve been in such a creative slump lately that I knew right away I would take part this year but then it occured to me that the girls might  like to do this too.

Happily,they love the idea- they’ve been wanting to get crafty for a while now and I’ve just lacked the motivation for it.

So we will be making 31 hearts or as many as we can this month togetthey’I will post them on Instagram daily and share them here every week. 

Please do join and share too if you are so inclined. 


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