About us

We are a family of four newly living on the coastal bend. My husband is a fairly popular Youtube artist (you may have seen his videos under tattoowoo or JSHarts)

 and I will share his videos and some behind the scenes stuff from time to time but this is primarily a family blog FYI. Hope you will follow along on our adventures!

Pipe cleaner hearts #31hearts

This heart was a 100% Chloe’s idea!

Chloe’s pipe cleaner heart on the left

While we were painting hearts she took the pipe cleaners out and made this great heart. 

I’m going to share her steps. 

1. Bend a pipe cleaner in half so you know where the dip goes.

2. Twist the ends together and make a heart.

3. Twist on a different colored pipe cleaner and wrap it around however you like. Twist the end of the pipe cleaner anywhere.

4. Add at least one more colored pipe cleaner, following the same steps!

You can add as many pipe cleaners as you like but the heart does get puffy as you go along. It is important to keep fixing the shape in between pipe cleaners because the shape gets a little distorted.

We added this to Chloe’s heart garland but it would also make a cool necklace or magnet I think.

 I also love the idea of adding pony beads to the pipe cleaners before twisting the ends on.

#31hearts update 

So many hearts to make,so little time…

When I asked the kids about doing the 31 heart challenge with me I did think they would both take part.

The first day we all made hearts together using markers,map pencils and watercolors. 

Hearts by me

Chloe’s hearts

Watercolor Heart by Catz

After each making a heart my oldest asked,”Wait,what are we doing with 31 hearts once we are finished with them?” 

I said,”Anything you want,we could make a book for them all or …”

“Oh, we could hang them from strings in our room!” my youngest interrupted

“Yes,or make a heart banner if you like?” I offered.

My youngest was very excited by this idea,my oldest not so much-so she made the one heart and decided to draw anime characters instead. Which is also a  very fine idea as she is not on a device while she does that. *

Glue heart ,tissue heart,marker heart

So far the youngest and I are still enjoying making hearts.

Tissue paper hearts,pipe cleaner heart

Will we make it to 31? We shall see. 😊

*Do you have trouble keeping your kids off of devices during Summer? 

GALT Sensational Sequins review

We received two Galt Sensational Sequins kits in the mail today from my lovely mil .

 We had a card saying the postman missed us yesterday, so we stopped by the post office on our way to do grocery shopping.These were complete surprise and the girls wanted to work on them as soon as we got home. 

I’m not sure how you might view shopping with your child but I’ll be honest-it’s really stressful for me! 

When school is in I always try to do the shopping during school hours,I can zip in,stick to my list and zip out. It’s fantastic. During Summer the grocery shop takes twice as long,I end up forgetting a lot of things on the list and bringing home things that got into the basket when I wasn’t looking.

And that was a really long seque into explaining that I felt lucky to have something to keep the girls busy while I put everything up. 😊

Cat worked on the Sensational Sequins Puppies kit and Chloe took on the kitties kit. Each kit comes with two sturdy poster pictures.

Everything needed to do the project is included,sequins of various colors and a wax crayon. 

I will save you from looking for the glue or glue dots like I did initially, instead of that the kits are coated with sticky dots that (hopefully) hold the sequins in place.

 Different sections are covered in wax paper so you can work on each section at a time. I strongly suggest doing that instead of peeling off all the sections like we did on my youngest’s poster. 

My oldest kept hers covered until she was ready to work on that bit and it goes easier that way. (Go figure.)

The wax crayon is for picking up the sequins! I use an exclamation point because I’ve never done this before and used to love sequin work when I was younger. I always used tweezers but the wax crayon does work well,especially if you flip the sequins over so that the dip is facing up.

All in all the girls really did like the kits and once I had set everything up,I liked that they were kept busy for 40 minutes. It probably takes an hour and a half to get the rhythm going and finish the pictures completely. Both girls stopped early and asked to finish the kits the later in the day. As the posters will go up in their rooms once completed,I will update in the future as to whether the gluey bits keep the sequins attached long term.

I think these are a great rainy day,screen free activity that are fun for parents to help with,provided you find your own  wax crayon.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐1/2

Age: 5 and up,but as each child is different I think parents would judge best on this. I will say younger ages and some 5 year Olds would need help and supervision as the sequins are a choking hazard.  

Creating 31 hearts as a family 

Making slime is as crafty as we have been this Summer

I’m not necessarily of the mind set that parents should walk their children through their day or entertain them 24/7…however, lately leaving them completely to their own devices has meant a lot of time spent on the other kind of devices. I know I should limit this but it’s honestly hard to always keep track of,I always say we need to do better but it’s a constant challenge. Before I know it they have logged hours on Roblocks or Minecraft or Youtube.

I came across a challenge this morning on Facebook led by Ayala Arts in one of my art groups; http://ilove2paint.blogspot.com/?m=1

,every July she tries to make 31 hearts and encourages others to do so as well. The hearts can be made however you choose and from looking at what others have done, can be all out of similar materials or all different.  I’ve been in such a creative slump lately that I knew right away I would take part this year but then it occured to me that the girls might  like to do this too.

Happily,they love the idea- they’ve been wanting to get crafty for a while now and I’ve just lacked the motivation for it.

So we will be making 31 hearts or as many as we can this month togetthey’I will post them on Instagram daily and share them here every week. 

Please do join and share too if you are so inclined. 

Our day at The Art Museum of South Texas

Before we made the decision to move here, our family were frequent visitors to Corpus Christi and as we are also art lovers it was surprising to us that this was only our second visit to The Art Museum of South Texas.

The water gardens located right outside the museum

It’s a fantastic museum and we love it but there have been a few changes since our last visit. The last time we came here was a children’s area with books,puppets and props to play with. That has since been changed to hold various (albeit awesome) sculptures that you can view against the backdrop of the bay. We liked the sculptures very much but the kids were a little disappointed.

The main display currently up (at the time of our visit) is one on portraits and there were a lot of works that really stopped us in our tracks.

COCO inspecting art


We feel like it important to expose the girls to art as much as possible and there was a lot to look at and explore.



We especially liked going outside to view a couple of larger sculptures and a very cool chair we had to get pictures on.


Right before we left the museum Catz saw a staircase we had not been up and wanted to have a look. I’m so glad she spotted that -upstairs there was a exhibit of graphic novels.

There were lots of original artwork from the books of the girl’s favorite authors. Here’s Coco beside the Raina Telgemeier display.

And here is Catz in front of the Mark Crilley display.

All in all it was a great way to spend Father’s day and we plan on coming back again.

Museum hours and Admission:

M Closed
T 10 am-5 pm
W 10 am-5 pm
T 10 am-5 pm
F 10 am-5 pm
S 10 am-5 pm
S 1 pm-5 pm

Members FREE
Adults $ 8
Seniors $ 6
Military $ 6
Students $ 4
Under 12 FREE

A visit to the Texas State Aquarium 

As soon a my kiddos heard about the new Caribbean Journey wing at the Texas State Aquarium they  begged to go see it. So I decided to pick it for my day,the last day of our week long Staycation. 

We’ve been to the aquarium several times in the past, but it has been  renovated a lot to house the new additions and has a whole new feel to it.

I hope to foster a love of nature and a spirit of being ecologically responsible in my children and like it or lump it-it’s hard for humans to see a picture or even a video of an animal and get emotionally connected to it. It’s all well and good to say “don’t pollute you’ll hurt the oceans” but actually  seeing a glimpse of what is in those oceans might make people care more about protecting them. This is why I can see the good is places like this. I also know that the Texas State Aquarium’s Second Chances Wildlife Rehabilitation Program does a lot to rescuce and rehabilitate sick,injured,or orphaned shorebirds,raptors,sea turtles,and marine mammals.


The Carribean Journey lived up to our expectations.

Our youngest fell in love with the sloth and we got to watch her being fed while being told a little about her.


The shark exhibit was amazing ,you can see the sharks and other fish swimming with a sunken ship. In the next room a tunnel overheard makes you feel like immersed in the experience. We also really liked the 4d shark movie,though some parts of it shocked us at first. 

The dolphin show is still very entertaining and very popular-we arrived twenty minutes before the show in order to get a seat. 

There is also a jellyfish tank where you are allowed to touch the tops of the jellyfish as they swim by. It’s tricky,but fun to try and do.

All in all, I would recommend the aquarium as a nice, full day out even for adults and older kids.(Our children are 9 and 11). But some aspects of it,such as the splash park are really geared towards younger children. I’d say ages 5-8 are really going to get the most out of the experience and if you’re local, a season pass would make for many enjoyable afternoons. If you are going for just the day make sure to visit the website in order to plan the day and catch all of the shows. 

Port Aransas day

*Day two of our Staycation* 

Chloe is a shopping fiend,anytime we check out a new place she asks if they have a gift shop. So,I wasn’t terribly surprised that when  she planned her day she included time at the mall and going to the  gift shops at Port Aransas.

Palmera Mall is in Corpus and is pretty decently sized. We first found it while we were visiting Corpus and I was looking for a Toys R Us.

( Incidentally, there is a very small Toys R Us in the mall,but a full sized store not far away from here.)

Toys R Us was definitely one of our stops,as was Claire’s and Hot Topic. Chloe had saved up money to spend but just seemed to want to look. The only actual shopping she did was at the candy store upstairs.We grabbed a quick lunch from the food court and then headed out to Port Aransas,after all we had a strict itinerary to stick to! 
Port Aransas is one of tube only established towns on Mustang Island and is north of  Padre Island. It has great little gift shops and restaurants and excellent beaches. We love the colorful cabins you can book to stay in that are within  walking distance of the shops,beach and many ofthe eating places too. Every year Port Aransas is home to the Sand Fest which brings in world renown sand scuplters who make masterpieces on the beach,it’s fantastic.

But we were here today to spend time at the gift shops.

Port Aransas has a very fun old time candy store called Walton’s Island Candy with a great selection of every candy you can think of and wonderful smelling fudge. Chloe was sad that she had already visited a candy store earlier but her daddy decided that she could go to this one too,provided they didn’t eat all of their candy in one day. 

Our last stop was the Connoisseur Gifts and Crafts.It’s a really neat shop we had never been to before. Think higher quality souvenirs, including several giant ships that really tempted Jon. There were lots of interesting ship antiques.

The girls liked the all of the cat themed merchandise and actually got to visit with the shop’s resident cat for a bit before we left.